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Seasonal Holiday Offerings


celebrate passover

JUF Young Families Celebrates Passover

Ma Nishtana? How will this Passover celebration be different from all others? You asked and we have answered. Join us for one or more of the following Passover twists on these activities:

  • Afikomen Scavenger Hunt
  • Haggadah Adventure through Chicago
  • Passover Movie Kit
  • Wine Tasting (Parents Only) 


Why on this Passover do we spend time outside?

The Answer: To hunt for the Afikomen, of course! Join JUF Young Families and JCC Chicago for an afikomen scavenger hunt (with prizes!). 

Saturday & Sunday, March 20-21 at two suburban locations:

Please note that while pre-registration is not required, you will be required to fill out JCC's screening form upon arrival. Every family that participates will receive a Passover Activity bag from JCC Chicago. At the end of your hunt, use the QR code to enter to win additional prizes!


Why is this car ride different from all other road trips?

The Answer: To explore Chicago through a Passover lens! Pack some snacks, turn up the tunes (we’ll provide a playlist) and enjoy this downtown adventure that tells the Passover story through Chicago’s landmarks. The self-guided tour will be available from 3/14 through 4/3.  Click here for the link to start your adventure. Don’t forget to share your pictures of your journey to win more prizes! 


Why is this movie night different from all other movie nights? 

The Answer: It’s a Passover movie night extravaganza! We will provide everything you need for an interactive viewing of the Prince of Egypt (Movie not included).  Movie kits are $18 each. Register here. PJ Parent Connectors, located in different neighborhoods in Chicago and the suburbs, will be offering various pick up locations and times. When registering, please select the Connector/Neighborhood you would like to pick up from.  This kit includes:  

  • Movie treats  
  • Props for movie watching 
  • Make-your-own tambourine  
  • A seder plate craft 
  • Cozy Passover socks 
  • And more!


Why on this night do we drink 4 cups of wine?  

The Answer: To choose a favorite for the Passover seder! We’re hosting a parents only wine tasting with  Uvae’s master sommelier.  

Thursday, March 25th, 8-9pm on Zoom!  

  • 3 oz tasting: $25/per person - Register here for 3 oz. tasting 
  • 6 oz tasting: $45/per couple  - Register here for 6 oz. tasting.  

As always, please feel free to reach out to us via email at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to celebrating Passover with you and your family!  

“Wonderful teachers and other staff, love the music and drama teachers who visit and the use of the natural setting in the classroom.”

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