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L'Dor VaDor Volunteer Project


L'Dor V'Dor - from Generation to Generation - is a volunteer project of the Tikkun Olam Volunteer Network by the Russian Jewish Division of the JUF in cooperation with the Management Board of WWII Veteran Association in Chicago. The project includes home visits to the last Russian-speaking WWII veterans on their birthdays and holidays.

The project, in cooperation with the Management Board of WWII Veterans Association includes:

  • home visits to Russian-Jewish WWII veterans and Russian-speaking Holocaust survivors on their birthdays.
  • home visits and help on Victory Day Celebration.
  • home visits to deliver food packages during the holidays.

Every month a group of volunteers from the Russian-speaking Jewish community visits 2-4 veterans, and visits over 150 veterans during Victory Day Celebrations. Our volunteers deliver around 430 packages during the holidays to veterans' apartments. Young adults and young families bring flowers and smiles and spend up to an hour with veterans, congratulating them and listening to their stories. More than 40-50 volunteers from the Russian-speaking community are involved in this project. More than 500 Russian-Jewish WWII veterans in Chicago area are visited every year.

Veterans of this project are all heroes who deserve much more attention that they have received, and very often, even with family around the block, they still feel very lonely. We need your help to make veterans' day THE DAY. We have those who turn 90 and even 100! Time for the visit can be arranged based on availability. Volunteers will be reimbursed for flowers if needed.

Join our volunteer crew for a great mitzvah of loving-kindness! Sign up below to volunteer!

For more information about this opportunity, please email Leah Hasdan, Program Associate, Russian Jewish Division at

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Birthday home visits (choose a veteran)
Every month we have several veterans whom we would like to visit. We organize and coordinate a group of volunteers who will meet individually with the veteran. Volunteers bring flowers, say “Happy Birthday!”, chat in Russian, take a picture and simply do a mitzvah of loving kindness!

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