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It’s time to brighten up your flavors 


New book offers a Jewish take on a modern story

Noa Tishby

Actress Noa Tishby gets personal in new history of Israel DONALD LIEBENSON Arts April 8, 2021 Israeli actress-turned-author Noa Tishby Noa Tishby's book,  Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth  (Free Press), is a passionate, provocative, and personal pri

Artists Haggadah

Accessing the Haggadah through art  


Moishe House’s ‘Expedition Maker’ competition showcases talented young Jewish artists


Innovation and creativity will be on display at the second virtual JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival.


A new book and a new senator remind us of a disastrous historical event.


Explore a collection of Jewish art forms this March.

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