JUF's Areas of Focus

People to People

Through Partnership Together, JUF helps to connect the Chicago Jewish community with the Kiryat Gat, Lachish and Shafir communities. School exchanges, English summer camp (Kefiada), Diller teens fellows program, visits of missions to the region and steering committee meetings are just a few of the people to people projects in the region. By connecting to each other on a personal level, the “Israelis” become Uri and Noa and the other side is no longer the “Americans” but Steve and Anna. 


JUF focuses on education as a way to improve quality of life, mobility and knowledge, and therefore make a major impact on Israeli society.

JUF supports numerous educational projects as well as leading and funding the Israel Children’s Zone project.

The Israel Children's Zone is the flagship educational intervention program in the Partnership region, developed by Israeli education experts in cooperation with JUF’s team in Israel. The project is improving the region's educational system and making a meaningful change in the lives of over 6,500 school students.

Vulnerable Populations

JUF supports organizations that are making a change in the day to day lives of many Israelis. Strengthening vulnerable populations and helping them live their lives with dignity, added values and social responsibility, strengthens the entire society and leads to social change.

JUF proudly supports projects in the areas of poverty, children and youth at risk, women empowerment, the elderly, employment, new immigrants, Holocaust survivors, victims of terror and more. 

Ofer's Column

Read the monthly Israel's commentary by Ofer Bavly, Director General of the JUF Israel office.