Meeting the needs of adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in the Jewish community is a civil rights issue that compels our community’s unwavering commitment.

JUF and Encompass are committed to expanding Jewish community-based services for these adults so that they can live safe, productive and meaningful lives and to enhancing inclusion so that they can fully participate in our Jewish community.

At present, agency partners include JCC Chicago, JCFS Chicago (including JVS), Keshet, Libenu, and Yachad.

As part of JUF, Encompass’ work is focused in four areas: endowment fundraising, community planning, advocacy and inclusion.

What’s happening now...

  • Encompass hosted an educational event, “Special Needs Estate and Future Planning” on April 2nd. This was the third in a series of educational events featuring Encompass Advisory Council members Stacey Dembo and Benji Rubin. A prior event focused on the impact of earnings on public benefits. Watch the video
  • Encompass partners Keshet and Libenu recently held their annual fundraising events. Watch the videos: Keshet | Libenu
  • People with disabilities, both here and in Israel, want to live and work in the community.   Watch the video