Hometown indie pop-artist Alexander 23 catapults to stardom

Deerfield native discusses his burgeoning career

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Deerfield Jewish native Alexander Glantz saw music as a hobby rather than a career until college. It was then that he dropped out of the University of Pennsylvania, as an engineering major, to play drums and bass in a band. But when the band fell apart, he focused on songwriting and producing for others full-time.

Soon, he discovered his own voice, and in addition to writing for other musicians, Glantz was penning music for himself and pursuing a career as a solo artist in the indie pop genre. He chose the stage name "Alexander 23" to represent his birthday-- January 23rd-- the age when he started his solo career, and Michael Jordan's basketball number.

Nowadays, Glantz splits his time 70-30 between writing his own songs and collaborating with other musicians such as pop star Selena Gomez. "Doing both keeps each of them exciting," he said. "It's nice to have that balance, and it pushes me to be better at both."

Glantz's own songs draw on his life for inspiration. "Almost everything I've ever sung is either true or a lateral truth, like the same degree of truth changed to fit a rhyme scheme," he said.

During the pandemic, Glantz performed on the Late Late Show With James Corden . His appearance on the show, a "dream come true" for the musician, included working with an animator who mixed footage of his live performance of his hit song "IDK You Yet" with animation.

"I was super lucky to have a song connecting people in the pandemic. So many people were resonating with it," Glantz said. The song that he wrote at an uncertain time in his life connected to people on a variety of levels, including ones he hadn't intended. "The fact that it was able to comfort people through hard times means the world to me," he said.

Now that the world is opening up again, Glantz looks forward to embarking on his first headline tour. He sees touring as "the cherry on top," and his favorite part of being an artist and performer, as an opportunity to "celebrate the work that you've done and get to see, in person, how it's impacted other people's lives."

As part of this tour, titled "Oh No, Not A Tour!", he will be visiting 23 cities across the U.S., including a stop in his hometown Chicago on Nov. 24.

As he prepares for his tour, Glantz is working on his first solo album as well as collaborating with other artists. "I'm excited the world's opening back up and it's fun to get in the studio with other people and make stuff," he said.

Working on the next steps in his musical career has inspired Glantz to look back on where he's come from, and how he hopes to inspire fellow musicians: "Don't be afraid to pursue something in the arts," he advised. "Someone's going to have a music career--why not you?"

For more information about Alexander 23, visit alexander23.com .

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