Art Studio & Sci Lab

Pursue Your Passions in the Arts and Science

Immerse yourselves in the arts and sciences by joining us for ArtStudio or SciLab. Through each program you will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning and demonstrate your commitment to creative curiosity.

ArtStudio combines study of the arts with a focus on Jewish themes and Jewish living. Participants will have access to our dance studio, art studio, photography studio, theater, and music rehearsal rooms and performance space.

At SciLab teens will solve a crime, learn to survive in the outdoors, explore the wilds of Wisconsin, investigate the night sky, and much more.

Space is limited, sign up today!

Program Highlights

  • CSI OSRUI - Work with detectives and forensic experts to learn how to solve crime
  • Navigate through an outdoor Scavenger Hunt using orienteering and geocaching skill
  • Experience art in nature at the Lynden Sculpture Garden
  • Explore the night sky at the Yerkes Observatory
  • Challenge yourself on our 5-story Alpine Tower
  • Survive in the outdoors - shelter building, tracking, fire building and more
  • Enhance your ability to express yourself in the arts
  • Explore the link between Judaism and the arts and sciences

URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute, Oconomowoc, WI
Monday, March 27- Friday, March 31
SciLab- Forensics, Technology, Environment, Ecology, Astronomy ArtStudio- Dance, Music, Visual Art


Q. If I am doing the art track, what equipment and/or clothing do I need to bring?  
Students will get a packing list around January 1st.

Q: If I am doing the science track, what equipment and/or clothing do I need to bring? 
Students will get a packing list around January 1st.

Q: Will it only be science and arts programming, or camp related activities as well?
There will be lots of camp activities, such as sports, night hikes, campfires, talent shows and lots more.

Q: What are the accommodations for the students?  
Students will live in heated cabins with bathrooms and showers in the building.

Q: Will there be out-of-camp trips?
Students will be visiting the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay and the Lynden Sculpture Garden in Milwaukee.  There may be other trips as well.

Q: What if my child has a food allergy?
OSRUI has welcomed many campers with food allergies. We are not peanut free, but we only serve peanuts in peanut butter, which is served in individual containers. Nuts or nut oil are never used in cooking or baking. For students with celiac disease or who are sensitive to gluten products, we provide a range of gluten free food (including bread, pasta, cereal and desserts) and parents are welcome to send other foods as necessary to be stored in the kitchen. We can accommodate other food allergies as well.  

Q: How do I get there?
Campers will travel to OSRUI by coach bus leaving from various stops in the Chicago area. 

Q: What does the cost include?  
The cost includes accommodations, meals, transportation and all programming.

Q: Who will be staffing this event?  
The program will be staffed by members of the OSRUI staff, OSRUI arts specialists, and science educators.

Q: How Jewish will this event be?  
Jewish learning will be intertwined with the study of art and science and there will be brief services once a day.

Q: Is it possible to do art and science?
Students will have the opportunity to do activities in the other specialty area.

Q: What if my child is just curious but not an expert?
Students who are just curious are welcome, but please remember that they will be working in art or science several hours a day.

Q: Will they need spending money?  
Students are welcome to bring a little spending money but it's not required.  There are gift shops in the Observatory and the Sculpture Garden and we will open canteen once so campers can purchase a t-shirt, etc.

Q: What should students pack (bedding)?
OSRUI will provide all bedding (linens, pillows, blankets, towels).  The packing list will be available around January 1st.