Next on 'Sanctuary:' The Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

The toll the war in Syria is taking is overwhelming, in terms of the millions who are its victims, the nations trying to cope with its refugees and, most dramatically, each of the individuals and families devastated.

This week the public-affairs program "Sanctuary" - which airs at noon Sunday, Dec. 11, on ABC7-Channel 7 - examines the scope of one of the greatest humanitarian crises since World War II, and how several groups, some Syrian, some multifaith, are attempting to provide relief to those most directly impacted.

The show features excerpts from a September conference on the crisis, organized by the Jewish United Fund's Jewish Community Relations Council and held at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, that brought together Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders. Speakers included Dr. Georgette Bennett and Shadi Martini of the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, Dr. Zaher Sahloul of the American Relief Coalition for Syria, and Lina Sergei Attar of the Karam Foundation. Cindy Sher hosts.

The program is also available for viewing on the Jewish United Fund website at .

"Sanctuary" is a joint production of the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago and the Chicago Board of Rabbis, in cooperation with ABC7-Channel 7.

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