Stories from around the Chicago-area Jewish community.


Two recent observances - one in Springfield, IL and one in Skokie - guided attendees toward a more comprehensive understanding of what "Never Again" and "Never Forget" mean today.


More than forty Chicago and Springfield Jewish community leaders and professionals convened at the State Capital on April 11-12 for JUF's annual State Advocacy Mission.  

CJDS exodus

One of the guiding principles in designing the building was that “the classroom is like another teacher.” 

Growing up in a household of olim (immigrants) from Ethiopia, Natan Sharansky’s values of Zionism and activism were present throughout my life.

For the 73rd consecutive year, Chicago-area Holocaust survivors, their families and the community gather to remember.

The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago (JWF) invites Jewish women for a special “pop-up” giving circle event on May 3.

The movies Israel makes, and the directors who make them, definitely have caught the attention of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences nominators.

For such a young and tiny country, Israel has an amazing number of laureates.

Whether stars of cinema, symphony, sports, rock or runway, all were born in the Jewish State.

Wherever disaster strikes, Israel often is among the first on the scene with help.

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