Partnership2Gether -- Kiryat Gat-Lachish-Shafir

JAFI's Partnership Together (P2G, formerly Partnership 2000) is a platform for partnering Jewish communities with regions in Israel, primarily in the periphery. It connects some 550 communities around the world in 45 partnerships, building living bridges among them. Chicago's partner region for the past 17 years encompasses Kiryat Gat and rural communities in two adjacent regional councils, Lachish and Shafir, all in the northern Negev (see map).

Approximately $1 million in funding from JUF's annual campaign supports projects that promote the region's development, improving the quality of life for residents and connecting them with Chicago Jewry through "people-to-people" programs. Funding focuses primarily on disadvantaged populations (e.g., youth, the Ethiopian Jewish community, poverty, empowerment), the environment and people-to-people partnership initiatives. The Partnership is managed through the JUF – JAFI regional office in Kiryat Gat, under the direction of Ido Benbenisti.

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