Weizmann Institute Named World's Sixth Best Research Institute

Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science is named the top research institute outside of the United States Read More

Simple Drug Cocktail Reduces Post-Surgery Cancer Relapse

Israeli researchers surprised to find that taking a specific drug regimen 5 days pre- and post-surgery and on day of surgery cuts risk of recurrence. Read More 

Avocado and Coexistence

Israeli-Palestinian cooperation on avocado cultivation Read More

Hebrew University launches world’s largest index of Jewish art

The Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem launched the world’s largest online database of Jewish art Read More 

Israeli Pilot Program Puts Women Soldiers in Tanks

Can the addition of women to the Armored Corps boost its popularity? Read More

Grateful Dead Songs Get Holy Twist with Hebrew Adaptions

Fans of the Grateful Dead have something new to sing about: several of the iconic band’s songs have been translated into Hebrew Read More

Israeli Scientists Develop First Haploid Human Stem Cells

The first haploid human stem cells, a discovery that will change our understanding of human genetics and medical research, was developed by Israeli scientists. Read More 

JUF in Israel

Strengthening the robust bridge between Chicago's Jewish community and the people of Israel

Ofer's Column

Read the monthly Israel's commentary by Ofer Bavly, Director General of the JUF Israel office.