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Nearly 70 years after its establishment, Israel is still very much a melting pot of Jews from almost 100 countries. 


In the middle of our country, I was able to witness something beautiful.

Ofer Bavly says there isn't much new in Hamas' new manifesto.

Red Army X

We are in the desert. We have just begun reading the fourth book of the Torah, Bamidbar, The Book of the Desert.


  Have you had the joy of watching a baby walk for the first time?

 A major lawsuit filed last month in federal court both exemplifies and seeks to redress a grievous instance of justice delayed and denied; one that spans two decades and all the way from Israel to Chicago. 

If you've ever driven a car in Israel you already know that betting at Las Vegas roulette or entering the lion’s cage doused in barbecue sauce are safer endeavors. 

There is an intense debate going on in Israel, and around the world, about whether we can be, at once, the nation-state of the Jewish people, a democracy, and a country with a commitment to the human rights of all who live in it, Arabs as well as Jews.  


It is 2017, and with it comes the opportunity to commemorate a whole series of anniversaries for events that took place in years ending with 7.


 There's just something about our grandparents.

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