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One Chicago native's embrace of the genre has helped to spread the blues gospel in Israel. 


Lin Batsheva Kahn was recognized for her innovative approach to global dance education by DePaul University in September, when she was awarded the university's prestigious 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award.

Nicole Krauss

There are more than half a million Jews in Brooklyn—a whopping 25 percent of the New York City borough—and literary superstar Nicole Krauss, who has been preoccupied with Jewish themes since the release of her second novel, The History of Love, in 2005, is one of them. But that doesn’t mean that the writer, now 43, feels at home in Brooklyn--or anywhere else for that matter.

Robert Morris

I didn’t set out to write a book about Chicago Jews, but apparently did it anyway.Some owners of adaptively reused buildings featured in This Used To Be Chicago I knew were Jewish: Morrie Mages was related to a late great-aunt, my dad, and uncle. 

Renee Rosen

Spertus Institute's Betsy Gomberg chats with Renée Rosen, author of the One Book | One Community selection Windy City Blues.

windy city blues cover

In Windy City Blues, Rosen slyly knits a small crew of fictional characters into the real lives of noteworthy Chicagoans, following them from the 1930s through the tumultuous decades that follow.

poehler headshot

The JUF Vanguard Dinner, featuring Amy Poehler, will be held Tuesday, Nov. 7, at the Sheraton Grand Chicago.

AE music

Founded in 2012, MeMA-Music is an eight-week program that operates in Chicago Public Schools, teaching students about social and political activism through the lens of the groundbreaking music of the 1960s and 1970s.  

Film fest 2017

Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema’s Cindy Stern gives readers a glimpse into what festival goers can expect.

The restaurant will be supervised by the Chicago Rabbinical Council and feature classic deli fare, sandwiches, and prepared food.

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